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Institute of Astronomy - Public

We are happy to provide astronomy outreach for school groups (for ages Key Stage 2 and above) who are studying astronomy. Generally this involves an astronomer coming to visit your school, but we can also arrange for your class to visit the department.


Have an astronomer come to your school

We are very happy to arrange for a professional astronomer to visit your school. A visit normally consists of a presentation on some aspect of astronomy (with show+tell of some interesting space objects), followed by an open-ended question and discussion session.  These arrangements are flexible, and we are open to specific requests for subject matter. We do not charge a fee for these visits, but we do ask that travel expenses are covered. If you would like to arrange for an astronomer to visit your school, please use the link at the bottom of this page.


Book an online activity

We understand that many schools aren't able to accomodate visitors. We are happy to connect to your school using Zoom/Skype to run a remote astronomy session.


Planet Story

The story book 'Jaspreet, Roller Skates and Planets' was created as part of the Planet Story Project by 45 children working with artist Alina Loth, outreach facilitator Matthew Bothwell and astronomer Amy Bonsor, in May 2020. The story book aims to inspire and enthuse the next generations of scientists. Illustrations from the children of the project can be found throughout this book, who hope to inspire many more children through this book. An online version of the book can be found here, and there is more info on Dr Bonsor's personal webpage here. If you would like to order hard copies for your school, please let us know!


If you are interested in exploring either of these ideas further, please contact us.

(We are sorry to say that we aren’t normally able to accommodate requests for work experience placements.)


Clicking the link below will allow you to book a visit for your school:


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