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Institute of Astronomy - Public

Date Title Speaker Group Booking Weather Number of Visitors Weekly Handout Video
2nd Oct 2019 A brief history of the Universe Sergio Martin Alvarez Clear 127
9th Oct 2019 The biggest galaxy in the Universe? Matt Bothwell Clear 156 PDF icon 8_oct_2019.pdf
16th Oct 2019 Fast Radio Bursts Anastasia Fialkov 1st Comberton Cubs and Beavers Clear 123 PDF icon 16_oct_2019.pdf Watch
23rd Oct 2019 Are we alone? Robin Catchpole (HALF TERM) Cloudy 162 PDF icon 23_oct_2019.pdf
30th Oct 2019 The Skeleton of our Universe Cora Uhlemann Clear 142 PDF icon 30_oct_2019.pdf watch
6th Nov 2019 100 Years of Gravitational Lensing Matt Auger 1st Ely Scouts Raining 89 PDF icon 6_nov_2019.pdf watch
13th Nov 2019 Supermassive Black Holes - a tale of galactic giants Joanna Piotrowska 2nd Cambridge Cub Scouts Partially Clear 178 PDF icon 13_nov_2019.pdf
20th Nov 2019 Music of the Spheres - The Connection between Music and Astronomy Nicole Pawellek 1st St Michaels Mead Scouts Clear 153 PDF icon 20_nov_2019.pdf watch
27th Nov 2019 Struggling with the stragglers Nina Sartorio 2nd Cambourne Scouts Cloudy 127 PDF icon 27_nov_2019.pdf watch
4th Dec 2019 Cosmic collisions and the fate of the Milky Way Mallory Thorp Cambourne Village College Clear 148 PDF icon 4_dec_2019.pdf watch
11th Dec 2019 Active galactic nuclei: the powerful cores of the most luminous galaxies Amy Rankine 1st Bar Hill Guides Partially Clear 212 PDF icon 11_december_2019.pdf watch
18th Dec 2019 The James Webb Space Telescope Emma Curtis-Lake Cloudy 85 PDF icon 18_december_2019.pdf
8th Jan 2020 Cloudy nights and sunny days in exoplanets Vivien Parmentier Raining 74 PDF icon 8th_jan_2020.pdf watch
15th Jan 2020 Physical cosmology: Exploring the science behind this year's Nobel prize William Coulton Ely Explorers Clear 170 PDF icon 15th_jan_2020.pdf watch
22nd Jan 2020 Large scale structures of the Universe Prakash Gaikwad Beal High School
29th Jan 2020 The Galactic Mosh Pit: Merging in the Early Universe Gareth Jones Cambourne Cubs
5th Feb 2020 Ecological Stars: The Recycling Machines of the Universe Nina Sartorio
12th Feb 2020 Gravitational lensing: a window to the invisible Universe Anton Baleato Hitchin Priory Rotary Club
19th Feb 2020 The Unseen Universe Anastasia Fialkov (HALF TERM)
26th Feb 2020 Astronomy from the ISS Andy Fabian 1st Cambourne Beavers
4th Mar 2020 Cosmology: a scientist's history of the universe Will Handley 12th Cambridge scouts
11th Mar 2020 Triple stars - three's a crowd Tom Comerford (SCIENCE FESTIVAL)
18th Mar 2020 TBD Steven Young (SCIENCE FESTIVAL)
25th Mar 2020 Life of an Astronomer: Research in the Canary Islands Sarah Savić Kallesøe

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