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Archive of past public talks:

This is an archive of all IoA public talks, going back to 2004. If you're searching for a particular talk, you can use the search box below to filter the talks between a particular range of dates.

Date Title Speaker Group Booking Weather Number of Visitors Weekly Handout Video
19th Jan 2005 Black Holes Matthew Worsley Partially Clear 120
12th Jan 2005 Discovery of Maverick Stars Emma Ryan-Weber Clear 100
5th Jan 2005 History of Cosmology Lisa Jardine-Wright Clear 30
23rd Dec 2004 Christmas Lectures: A Rough Guide to the Wider Universe Lisa Jardine-Wright Cloudy 40
22nd Dec 2004 Christmas Lectures: A Rough Guide to the Local Universe Lisa Jardine-Wright Cloudy 70
15th Dec 2004 Clusters of Galaxies Robert Dunn Cloudy 40
8th Dec 2004 The Expansion of the Universe Fergus Simpson Cloudy 30
1st Dec 2004 Forming Stars, Discs and Planets Richard Alexander Cloudy 60
27th Oct 2004 Mapping Distant Galaxies Vivienne Wild Cloudy 30
24th Oct 2004 Surveying the Milky Way Galaxy George Seabroke Cloudy 65
20th Oct 2004 The Life and Death of Stars John Eldridge Patchy Cloud 35
17th Oct 2004 Binary Stars Ross Church Cloudy 70
13th Oct 2004 Galaxy Formation: Painting by Numbers Lisa Jardine-Wright Cloudy 25
10th Oct 2004 Gravity & Exotic Objects of the Universe Lisa Jardine-Wright Cloudy 65
3rd Oct 2004 Planets Beyond the Solar System Ian Parry Clear 25

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