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Archive of past public talks:

This is an archive of all IoA public talks, going back to 2004. If you're searching for a particular talk, you can use the search box below to filter the talks between a particular range of dates.

Date Title Speaker Group Booking Weather Number of Visitors Weekly Handout Video
7th Nov 2012 Is the Earth rare? Jim Kasting Hitchin Priory Club Cloudy 180
31st Oct 2012 Experiments in space Chris Crowe (HALF TERM) Cloudy 115
24th Oct 2012 The death of massive stars Joe Walmswell Shelford cubs Cloudy 160
17th Oct 2012 Impacts Robin Catchpole Villiers Park Cloudy 150
10th Oct 2012 Curious about Mars Jonathan Crass 1st Warboys scouts Partially Clear 200
3rd Oct 2012 Asteroids Carolin Crawford 13th Cambridge cubs Cloudy 180
21st Mar 2012 The transit of Venus Carolin Crawford Science Festival Clear 300
14th Mar 2012 Building the biggest telescopes Jonathan Crass Science Festival Clear 230
7th Mar 2012 Pinafores at the Observatory? The story of the female computer Melanie Keene 1st caledcote brownies Clear 180
29th Feb 2012 New views of the cold Universe: witnessing the birth of stars and galaxies John Richer Students from King's School, Ely Cloudy 160
22nd Feb 2012 The Universe in a box Matt Young The Penguin club Cloudy 160
15th Feb 2012 How to build a rocket Chris Crowe (HALF TERM) Cloudy 220
8th Feb 2012 Dark energy and the accelerating Universe Erin Kara Newmarket WI Cloudy 160
1st Feb 2012 Space Telescopes Apoorva Jayaraman CAO visit Clear 280
25th Jan 2012 The rise and fall of the cosmos Tiago da Costa Astronomy club from Hartismere School Cloudy 170
21st Jan 2012 (no talk unless it's cloudy) N/A Stargazing live Partially Clear 250
18th Jan 2012 When galaxies collide... Carolin Crawford (stargazing live) Cloudy 220
11th Jan 2012 The multi-colour Universe Dan Wilkins group c/o Phillips Cloudy 230
21st Dec 2011 Atmospheric Phenomena Carolin Crawford Cloudy 85
14th Dec 2011 Horrible Heavens: the Petrifying Planets Jonathan Crass & Dan Wilkins Xanthos Clear 170
7th Dec 2011 Roving around Mars Maciej Hermanowicz Clear 160
30th Nov 2011 How far is it to the stars? Yannick Bahe Hitchin Priory Rotary Club Cloudy 210
23rd Nov 2011 Mapping the Earth's gravity Christopher Berry 16th Cambridge scouts Hazy 210
16th Nov 2011 Born from the stars: The origin of the elements Dan Wilkins Ely cubs Cloudy 265
9th Nov 2011 An introduction to black holes Andy Fabian 1st Stretham scout group Clear 240
2nd Nov 2011 Twenty years of the Hubble Space Telescope Jonathan Crass Stapleford guides Cloudy 230
26th Oct 2011 Giant Jupiter and its moons Carolin Crawford (HALF TERM) Clear 400
19th Oct 2011 The origin of our Solar System (latest news!) Robin Catchpole RAF cadets Clear 300
12th Oct 2011 Unlocking the Universe - European pioneers Paul Haley et al Cloudy 115
5th Oct 2011 What makes a supernova odd, unusual or boring? John Eldridge Cloudy 130
23rd Mar 2011 Planet hunting, 19th-century style! Stephanie Hunt et al... Science Festival Clear 350
16th Mar 2011 Orion, the Hunter Carolin Crawford Science Festival Cloudy 190
9th Mar 2011 A history of dark matter Lauren Weiss ESL Phantom Explorers Unit Clear 200
2nd Mar 2011 The science of stopping stars scintillating Jonathan Crass 1st Somersham cubs Cloudy 250
23rd Feb 2011 The science of Sci-Fi; does every planet look just like home? John Eldridge (HALF TERM) Cloudy 135
16th Feb 2011 The Adolescent Universe - violent events that shaped the galaxies around us today Scott Chapman Cottenham cubs Hazy 190
9th Feb 2011 Comets - Visitors from the edge of the Solar System Yannick Bahe IfM group Cloudy 190
2nd Feb 2011 Explosions in Space Alex Calverley 13th Cambridge cubs Cloudy 240
26th Jan 2011 ESO - Europe's Big Eyes on the Sky Andrew Fox Stewards Sky Watch group Cloudy 140
19th Jan 2011 Seeing inside the Sun Christopher Berry group c/o J Mackay Hazy 250
12th Jan 2011 Gravity: What's the Big Attraction? Dan Wilkins St Neots ladies circle Cloudy 145
8th Jan 2011 Stargazing LIVE campaign Clear 450
5th Jan 2011 A detailed look at the Moon's surface Carolin Crawford Comberton Beavers Cloudy 175
15th Dec 2010 Planet hunting, 19th-century style! Stephanie Hunt et al... 1st Eaton Socon scouts Cloudy 110
8th Dec 2010 The Stellar Zoo Adrian Potter 1st Southoe and Buckden Scouts Clear 140
1st Dec 2010 Highlights of the Solar System Robin Catchpole 1st St Neot's Scouts Cloudy 140
24th Nov 2010 The latest spin on neutron stars Ed Cackett Landbeach Society Cloudy 150
17th Nov 2010 Forget Hubble - here is what the Universe REALLY looks like! George Becker Royston Writer's circle Raining 190
10th Nov 2010 You spin me right round - rotation in astronomy Anna Quider 1st Stapleford guides Clear 220
3rd Nov 2010 Making images from radio waves John Richer 1st Ashwell scouts Cloudy 130
27th Oct 2010 We're going on a planet hunt, we're going to find a big one... Amy Bonsor (HALF TERM) Clear 260
20th Oct 2010 Rocket science Andy Fabian Downham Market Scouts Clear 210
13th Oct 2010 Solar Sailing Maciej Hermanowicz Abbotsley WI Cloudy 160
6th Oct 2010 All about quasars Carolin Crawford Clear 160
31st Mar 2010 Observing the Earth from Space Dan Wilkins PhD students from CRUK CRI Cloudy 110
24th Mar 2010 The Milky Way Andreea Font 1st Cambourne cubs Cloudy 140
17th Mar 2010 The best astronomical images of the last year (slides and text) Ryan Cooke Science Festival Cloudy 180
10th Mar 2010 The search for Martian Life Peter Smith Science Festival Cloudy 140
3rd Mar 2010 The large-scale nature of the Universe Yin-Zhe Ma Clear 130
24th Feb 2010 A multi-colour view of galaxies in our Universe Manda Banerji Raining 100
17th Feb 2010 How to make a galaxy Yannick Bahe Clear 190
10th Feb 2010 Women in Astronomy Julie Hlavacek-Larrondo Snow 80
3rd Feb 2010 Galaxy cluster collisions: the largest sonic boom Helen Russell Raining 110
27th Jan 2010 Robotic exploration of the Planets Anjali Tripathi Bottisham WI; Godmanchester men's group Raining 120
20th Jan 2010 Flipping, tumbling, vibrating, jumping and braking: how hydrogen illuminates the Universe John Richer 26th Cambridge cubs Cloudy 160
13th Jan 2010 Super Star Clusters in Starbursts, Galaxy Mergers and the Milky Way Nate Bastian Fog/Sleet 77
6th Jan 2010 Science in Science Fiction - the good, the bad and the ugly John Eldridge 2nd Ely Scouts Clear (ish) 75
16th Dec 2009 A Comet for Christmas Robin Catchpole Bury County Upper School yeugh 115
9th Dec 2009 The Andromeda Giant Stream: the wreckage of a galactic collision David Trethewey 1st Barhill Scouts Cloudy 100
2nd Dec 2009 Galaxy clusters: the largest structures in the Universe Jeremy Sanders Raining 120
25th Nov 2009 Our evolving knowledge of the Universe Ryan Cooke Ely District Explore Scouts Clear 190
18th Nov 2009 Enormous telescopes and why we need them Ian Parry 1st Ashwell Scouts Cloudy 145
11th Nov 2009 Supermassive black holes; monsters lurking in the hearts of galaxies Debora Sijacki 1st Caldecote brownies Raining 190
4th Nov 2009 Light and Colour in Astronomy Robin Catchpole Villiers Park students Clear 190
29th Oct 2009 Will we return to the Moon? Carolin Crawford Moonwatch Brittin College students Clear 120
28th Oct 2009 Will we return to the Moon? Carolin Crawford Moonwatch. Phantom explorer scouts & beavers Partially Clear 260
21st Oct 2009 The Dusty Universe Anna Quider Brittin College students Raining 100
14th Oct 2009 What's out there? Andrew Pontzen 1st St Micheal's Mead scouts Cloudy 140
7th Oct 2009 Saturn, its rings and moons Carolin Crawford 13th Cambridge cubs Raining 100
4th Apr 2009 An Introduction to the Moon Carolin Crawford MOONWATCH Hazy 150
3rd Apr 2009 An Introduction to the Moon Carolin Crawford MOONWATCH Clear 110
25th Mar 2009 Relativity for beginners Adrienne Leonard 1st Earith, Bluntisham & Colne Scouts; Leys Clear 160
18th Mar 2009 Exo-planets and how to find them Carolin Crawford Clear 180
11th Mar 2009 Life in a fine-tuned Universe Luke Barnes Cloudy 180
25th Feb 2009 The Cosmic Microwave Background Simeon Bird Browne group Cloudy 80
18th Feb 2009 Neutron stars: one billion tonnes in a teaspoon Amy Bonsor Cloudy 130
11th Feb 2009 Mapping the Milky Way Scott Brown 13th Cambridge cubs Clear 1000
4th Feb 2009 The search for the first stars and galaxies Dan Stark Alconbury scouts; Gamblingay young famers Clear 145
4th Feb 2009 The Solar System beyond Neptune Mark Booth 1st Cambourne Scouts Cloudy 120
28th Jan 2009 The Fuzzy Universe Andrew Pontzen 27th Cambridge Cubs Cloudy 170
21st Jan 2009 Atmospheric Illusions Helen Russell 1st St Neots Scouts Cloudy 240
14th Jan 2009 Gamma-ray bursts; the most spectacular explosions Kostas Gourgouliatios Ashwell Scouts Cloudy 120
7th Jan 2009 The case for dark energy Carolin Crawford Raining 80
17th Dec 2008 Time travel: Fact or Fiction? Harold Kozak 18th Cambridge scouts Cloudy 210
10th Dec 2008 Massive stars in their death throes John Eldridge 1st Warboys scouts Cloudy 150
3rd Dec 2008 Black Holes for beginners Kim Bayliss 1st Chesterton girls brigade Cloudy 190
26th Nov 2008 Getting your brain around the Universe Luke Barnes St Ives cubs Cloudy 160
19th Nov 2008 The history of the Universe Steve Wilkins 6th form students from Abbey College Cloudy 135
12th Nov 2008 The Universe in all its colours Adrienne Leonard 26th Cambridge brownies Cloudy 130
29th Oct 2008 Humans in Space Anna Quider Gransden Women's Group Hazy 190

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