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Institute of Astronomy - Public

We are holding a special daytime event to view the transit of Mercury on 11th November 2019, from 12:30pm.

In collaboration with the Cambridge Astronomical Association and the Cambridge University Astronomical Society we will be staging an afternoon of observing to try to catch the planet Mercury in the act of transiting across the face of the Sun.

At the Institute of Astronomy we will have a selection of specialised (and, most importantly, SAFE!) instruments that will make it possible to see this happening in real time using a number of different methods. We open our doors at 12:30pm, and will observe the transit all day until sunset.

This will be an all-afternoon event, so feel free to drop in any time. This is a fairly uncommon happening, and the next chance to see it will be in 2032! So if you are interested, do come along.

Please note that there is limited on-site parking. There is free parking available at the Madingley Road park and ride, just ~10 minutes walk away.

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