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Archive of past public talks:

This is an archive of all IoA public talks, going back to 2004. If you're searching for a particular talk, you can use the search box below to filter the talks between a particular range of dates.

Date Title Speaker Group Booking Weather Number of Visitors Weekly Handout Video
22nd Oct 2008 The history of the Cambridge Observatory Mark Hurn St Neots St Marys Rotary Club Clear 120
15th Oct 2008 A Phoenix on Mars Carolin Crawford Cloudy 90
8th Oct 2008 Are we alone? Robin Catchpole 1st Fen Ditton Cubs Clear 150
19th Mar 2008 Cosmology for beginners Adrienne Leonard Clear 210
12th Mar 2008 Saturn and its moons Carolin Crawford Clear 200
5th Mar 2008 How unique is our Solar System? Aaron Lee Cloudy 100
27th Feb 2008 Partners at the edge: Kuiper Belt binaries Zoe Leinhardt Clear 140
20th Feb 2008 Ancient Astronomy Anna Quider Partially Clear 135
16th Feb 2008 The size and contents of our Solar Systemq Robin Catchpole Clear 130
13th Feb 2008 Hunting for the most distant galaxies in the universe Lindsay King Fog 90
6th Feb 2008 Building galaxies on our doorstep Dan Zucker Clear 130
30th Jan 2008 Recent results from the Hubble Space Telescope Carolin Crawford Clear 150
23rd Jan 2008 Measuring the Universe throughout history Olaf Davis Cloudy 85
9th Jan 2008 Taking the twinkle out of starlight Craig Mackay Clear 100
19th Dec 2007 Finding your way about the winter night sky Carolin Crawford Clear 120
12th Dec 2007 Light and colour in the Universe Robin Catchpole Partially Clear 130
5th Dec 2007 Things that go bump in the night: the life of an asteroid Zoe Leinhardt Clear 80
28th Nov 2007 Illuminating the dark matter in the Universe Adrienne Leonard Cloudy 100
21st Nov 2007 The X-ray Sky Andy Fabian Raining 110
14th Nov 2007 What is time? Andrew Pontzen Clear 230
7th Nov 2007 The Crab Nebula Derek Jones Cloudy 105
31st Oct 2007 NGC5466 and its tidal tails Michael Fellhauer Clear 150
23rd Oct 2007 Getting around the Solar System Steve Wilkins Cloudy 140
17th Oct 2007 The Messier Catalogue - from comets to galaxies Carolin Crawford Clear 120
10th Oct 2007 Are we alone? Robin Catchpole Clear 80
28th Mar 2007 A closer look at Radio Galaxies Mary Erlund Hazy 100
21st Mar 2007 Peculiar Galaxies Carolin Crawford Partially Clear 350
14th Mar 2007 National Scandal - how we didn't discover Neptune Derek Jones Clear 400
7th Mar 2007 Why the future isn't so bright : the history and future of star formation Steve Wilkins Clear 135
28th Feb 2007 Illuminating the Invisible: Dark Matter in the Universe Virginia Corless Clear 80
21st Feb 2007 Cosmic Collisions Elena Belsole Clear 95
14th Feb 2007 The Universe through the eyes of the Spitzer Space Telescope Rob Kennicutt Clear 110
7th Feb 2007 Why the sun shines Adam Morgan Clear 120
31st Jan 2007 Is there life out there? The search for extrasolar planets Adam Miller Hazy 110
24th Jan 2007 Comets Carolin Crawford Patchy Cloud 125
17th Jan 2007 Astronomical Blunders Damien Quinn Cloudy 60
10th Jan 2007 Leviathians of the cosmos: supermassive black holes Ranjan Vasudevan Clear 80
20th Dec 2006 Any Questions? Ask an astronomer.... (Panel) Fog 25
13th Dec 2006 Looking back to the dawn of time with the cosmic microwave background Anthony Challinor Cloudy 50
6th Dec 2006 Are computers consummate calculators of the cosmos? Andrew Pontzen Partially Clear 110
29th Nov 2006 Dark Matter: the hunt for a hidden Universe James Graham Hazy 160
22nd Nov 2006 Images with the Hubble Space Telescope Neil Trentham Raining 85
15th Nov 2006 Are we star dust or nuclear waste? Robin Catchpole Cloudy 75
8th Nov 2006 Heavenly Music of the Universe (Cambridge Music Festival) Carolin Crawford Raining 130
1st Nov 2006 Galactic Cannibalism: How the Milky Way eats its dwarf companions Michael Fellhauer Clear 160
25th Oct 2006 How to find a quasar Natasha Maddox Raining 35
18th Oct 2006 The view from the centre of the Universe Joel Primack and Nancy Abrams Cloudy 140
11th Oct 2006 Why is Pluto no longer a planet? Carolin Crawford Cloudy 65
29th Mar 2006 Black Holes Giovanni Miniutti Cloudy 80
22nd Mar 2006 Fascinating and fantastic nebulae Carolin Crawford Partially Clear 420
15th Mar 2006 Introducing Galaxies Shoko Jin Partially Clear 200
8th Mar 2006 Jets: From Stars to Galaxies Mary Erlund Cloudy 90
1st Mar 2006 Piercing the Universe Matteo Viel Clear (ish) 130
22nd Feb 2006 Private lives of stars Ross Church Cloudy 70
15th Feb 2006 Simulations of the Universe John Regan Partially Clear 200
8th Feb 2006 Largest objects in the Universe James Graham Partially Clear 200
1st Feb 2006 Detecting Gravity's Waves Jonathon Gair Cloudy 70
18th Jan 2006 Stars & Their Atmospheres Kevin Marshall Cloudy 80
15th Jan 2006 Finding Planets Suzanne Aigrain Partially Clear 130
11th Jan 2006 Carolin Crawford Carolin Crawford Clear 200
21st Dec 2005 Lisa Jardine-Wright & Robin Catchpole Making A Comet for Christmas Cloudy 160
14th Dec 2005 Distant Galaxies Neil Trentham Patchy Cloud 60
7th Dec 2005 Astronomical Toys: Instruments for the World's Largest Telescopes Ian Parry Cloudy 60
30th Nov 2005 What's New in Our Solar System? Robin Catchpole Cloudy 70
23rd Nov 2005 The Ingredients of the Universe: Dark Matter & Dark Energy Lindsay King Cloudy 60
16th Nov 2005 Are We Star Dust or Nuclear Waste? Robin Catchpole Clear 300
9th Nov 2005 Explosions in the Universe Nina Hatch Clear 250
2nd Nov 2005 Stars, Gas & Dust in the Milky Way Mark Wilkinson Cloudy 70
26th Oct 2005 The Importance of Stars Richard Stancliffe Partially Clear 110
19th Oct 2005 First Light: The Epoch of Re-ionisation Jamie Bolton Cloudy 35
12th Oct 2005 The Universe in X-rays Robert Dunn Cloudy 20
5th Oct 2005 Asteroids, comets, new planets & Pluto Carolin Crawford Cloudy 35
30th Mar 2005 Do the laws of Nature vary in space and time? Michael Murphy
23rd Mar 2005 The First Galaxies Richard McMahon Hazy 300
16th Mar 2005 A Day in the Life of Massive Stars Maggie Hendry Cloudy 150
9th Mar 2005 Empire of the Stars: Friendship, Obsession and Betrayal in the Quest for Black Holes Arthur I Miller Cloudy 50
2nd Mar 2005 Why do stars twinkle? And what can we do about it? Nicholas Law Partially Clear 50
23rd Feb 2005 Finding Planets Suzanne Aigrain Cloudy 70
16th Feb 2005 The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Life Fergus Simpson Partially Clear 200
9th Feb 2005 Dark Matter and Alternative Gravity Justin Read Cloudy 110
2nd Feb 2005 When Galaxies Collide Alan McConnachie Cloudy 105
26th Jan 2005 Radio Astronomy: Observing in other Wavelengths! Natasha Maddox Cloudy 75
19th Jan 2005 Black Holes Matthew Worsley Partially Clear 120
12th Jan 2005 Discovery of Maverick Stars Emma Ryan-Weber Clear 100
5th Jan 2005 History of Cosmology Lisa Jardine-Wright Clear 30
23rd Dec 2004 Christmas Lectures: A Rough Guide to the Wider Universe Lisa Jardine-Wright Cloudy 40
22nd Dec 2004 Christmas Lectures: A Rough Guide to the Local Universe Lisa Jardine-Wright Cloudy 70
15th Dec 2004 Clusters of Galaxies Robert Dunn Cloudy 40
8th Dec 2004 The Expansion of the Universe Fergus Simpson Cloudy 30
1st Dec 2004 Forming Stars, Discs and Planets Richard Alexander Cloudy 60
27th Oct 2004 Mapping Distant Galaxies Vivienne Wild Cloudy 30
24th Oct 2004 Surveying the Milky Way Galaxy George Seabroke Cloudy 65
20th Oct 2004 The Life and Death of Stars John Eldridge Patchy Cloud 35
17th Oct 2004 Binary Stars Ross Church Cloudy 70
13th Oct 2004 Galaxy Formation: Painting by Numbers Lisa Jardine-Wright Cloudy 25
10th Oct 2004 Gravity & Exotic Objects of the Universe Lisa Jardine-Wright Cloudy 65
3rd Oct 2004 Planets Beyond the Solar System Ian Parry Clear 25

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