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Institute of Astronomy - Public

Archive of past public talks:

This is an archive of all IoA public talks, going back to 2004. If you're searching for a particular talk, you can use the search box below to filter the talks between a particular range of dates.

Date Title Speaker Group Booking Weather Number of Visitors Weekly Handout Video
24th Feb 2016 The Universe in X-rays Michael Calzadilla Friends of St Andrews Church, Bedford Clear 185
17th Feb 2016 Juno - mission to Jupiter! Carolin Crawford 1st Hemingfords Cub Pack Raining 180
10th Feb 2016 Quasars Laura Keating 1st Swaffham Prior Scouts Clear 255
3rd Feb 2016 The Dark Energy Survey: Exploring the dark sides of the cosmos with the world's largest digital camera Bjoern Soergel Westminster College Clear 210
27th Jan 2016 The Hot and Violent Universe Ranjan Vasudevan Blacktrace Company Cloudy 120
20th Jan 2016 Earth: the little planet that could Scott Thomas 2nd Cambourne Guides Clear 260
13th Jan 2016 Using the Moon to detect Life Amaury Triaud Cloudy 125
6th Jan 2016 Exploring Solar Systems Ryan MacDonald Cloudy 120
16th Dec 2015 Monsters in the dark; hunting for the Universe's most extreme galaxies Matt Bothwell Cloudy 100
9th Dec 2015 Accreting black holes: Welcome to the feast! Matt Middleton Cloudy 115
2nd Dec 2015 Gaia Alerts: science from the first year Heather Campbell Amino Communications Ltd Cloudy 110
25th Nov 2015 Brown Dwarfs Sonali Shukla Hitchin Probus Club Partially Clear 184
18th Nov 2015 Bubbles and filaments in galaxy clusters Helen Russell 2nd Hunts Hinchingbrooke Park Scouts Partially Clear 128
11th Nov 2015 Next generation telescopes Michael Parker Blacktrace Social Club Cloudy 138
4th Nov 2015 Tiny but powerful - the smallest supermassive black holes Jenny Greene Raining 105
28th Oct 2015 Mars vs 'The Martian' Carolin Crawford (HALF TERM) Clear 230
21st Oct 2015 Dwarf Planet Discoveries: the latest on Ceres, Pluto and beyond Sonali Shukla Cloudy 95
14th Oct 2015 Scale of the Universe Christina Hedges 1st St Michaels Mead Scout Group Raining 167
7th Oct 2015 Galactic Archaeology: Peering into the Milky Way's Past Keith Hawkins Bellerby's College A-level class Cloudy 137
25th Mar 2015 Weird stars Sarah Smedley Cloudy 260
18th Mar 2015 Dwarf planets of the Solar System Carolin Crawford Science Festival and BBC Stargazing LIve Cloudy 140
11th Mar 2015 Chemical Compositions of Extrasolar Planets Nikku Madhusudhan Science Festival Cloudy 100
4th Mar 2015 What is the next window onto our Universe? Andrew Connolly 1st Swaffam Prior Scouts Clear 245
25th Feb 2015 A 'galactic hailstorm' in the early Universe Tiago da Costa Pdoc Cloudy 130
18th Feb 2015 Building a universe in a year (talk designed for a half-term family audience) Zephyr Penoyre & the CHaOS crew (HALF TERM) Clear 290
11th Feb 2015 The life cycle of stars Sonali Shukla 1st Bar Hill brownies Cloudy 160
4th Feb 2015 Did ancestral humans witness a flaring black hole two million years ago? Greg Madsen 1st Thorley Guide pack Partially Clear 165
28th Jan 2015 What is a habitable planet? Christina Hedges Clear 185
21st Jan 2015 Galaxies: how do our star factories evolve? Gourav Khullar 26th Cambridge cubs Cloudy 150
14th Jan 2015 The Cosmic Microwave Background: our probe of the birth of the universe Will Handley Thorley Senior Section Cloudy 153
7th Jan 2015 Our Galaxy Paula Jofre St Bedes school Cloudy 155
17th Dec 2014 What's the use of black holes? Andy Fabian Cloudy 115
10th Dec 2014 What is a (modern) astronomer? Thomas Masseron 1st Balsham guides Partially Clear 150
3rd Dec 2014 The search for Earth 2.0 Sara Seager Cambridge Gates scholars Cloudy 155
26th Nov 2014 An update on the Rosetta mission Carolin Crawford Hitchin Priory Rotary Club Fog 150
19th Nov 2014 Dark energy and the fate of the Universe Sonke Hee 2nd Cambourne Guides Partially Clear 190
12th Nov 2014 Sister of the more famous William: some reflections on the life and career of Caroline Herschel Christina Koning Partially Clear 165
29th Oct 2014 The Great Debate Prash Jethwa, Gus Williams & Laura Keating (HALF TERM) Raining 115
22nd Oct 2014 Staring into black holes Michael Parker Cambridge PdOC Cloudy 180
15th Oct 2014 The brightest explosions in the Universe Morgan Fraser King's Lynn Astro Soc Raining 150
8th Oct 2014 The space between galaxies Laura Keating Girls brigade Partially Clear 145
1st Oct 2014 Our Sun, our nearest star Carolin Crawford Villiers Park students Cloudy 185
26th Mar 2014 Stellar nurseries: far and near Mederic Boquien Gamlingay Lady-birds Cloudy 260
19th Mar 2014 Inflation: extreme expansion in the very earliest Universe Will Handley Science Festival Clear 255
12th Mar 2014 Weather of the Solar System Jonathan Crass Science Festival Clear 240
5th Mar 2014 Comets - omens of doom? Jonathan Shanklin 1st Southoe & Bucken cubs Cloudy 240
26th Feb 2014 Why is the sky dark at night? Tiago da Costa Milton WI Clear 280
19th Feb 2014 The Northern Lights Carolin Crawford (HALF TERM) Cloudy 280
12th Feb 2014 Supernovae! Giant explosions in Space Morgan Fraser Bell English School skeleton observing only... 160
5th Feb 2014 Fabulous nebulae Carolin Crawford 1st Cambourne cubs Raining 160
29th Jan 2014 The random Universe Poul Alexander Friends of St Andrew's Church / 6th formers from KES Cloudy 210
22nd Jan 2014 The next decade in Astronomy: The unanswered questions Jonathan Crass 6th formers from Jack Hunt School, P'borough Cloudy 215
15th Jan 2014 Ancient Greek Astronomy and the distance to the Moon Denis Erkal 1st Eaton Socon Scouts Cloudy 220
11th Jan 2014 (no talk unless it's cloudy) Extra Stargazing Live session! Stargazing live Clear enough 900
8th Jan 2014 We are made of stardust Thomas Masseron Cloudy 130
18th Dec 2013 What will we learn with the Gaia satellite? Anna Hourihane & Heather Campbell Thirsty thirties Cloudy 160
11th Dec 2013 Space spiders: black widow and redback pulsars Sarah Smedley Realise project Partially Clear 150
4th Dec 2013 Exoplanets Ian Parry Abbey College students & EF school Clear 250
27th Nov 2013 Views of Venus Alan Jackson Hitchin Priory Rotary Club Cloudy 170
20th Nov 2013 The stars of the Milky Way Paula Jofre 1st Red Lodge scout group Cloudy 115
13th Nov 2013 Radio Astronomy: science with Dishes, Chicken Wire and Supercomputers Greg Madsen Realise project Patchy Cloud 170
6th Nov 2013 Rockets! Michael Parker 2nd Linton Guides Cloudy 165
30th Oct 2013 Black Holes - Science Fiction or Reality? Stefan Gillessen (HALF TERM) Cloudy 260
23rd Oct 2013 The Sun and climate change Robin Catchpole Clear 200
16th Oct 2013 Exploding Stars Andy Newsam Group from Amino Clear 200
9th Oct 2013 Curiosity after a year on Mars Carolin Crawford Thirsty Thirties Clear 170
2nd Oct 2013 Dark matter and dark energy: common misconceptions Will Handley Cloudy 105
27th Mar 2013 Telescopes the size of the Universe Matthew Auger Astex Pharmaceuticals group Cloudy 190
20th Mar 2013 Fitting the Universe inside a computer Mike Curtis Science Festival Cloudy 85
13th Mar 2013 Comets - visitors from the edge of space Carolin Crawford Science Festival Snow 80
6th Mar 2013 A history of cosmology Richard Wolstenhulme brownie pack Cloudy 80
27th Feb 2013 Quasars - the brightest black holes Yannick Bahe Cambridge IAT branch Clear (ish) 120
20th Feb 2013 Autopsies of Dead Rock Stars Jay Farihi Wilbraham Youth Group Cloudy 150
13th Feb 2013 Exploring the Solar System Carolin Crawford (HALF TERM) Snow 120
6th Feb 2013 Black holes seen through gravitational waves: astronomy's new messenger! Priscilla Canizares Godmanchester cubs Clear 195
30th Jan 2013 Burn bright and die young... massive star formation throughout the Universe Maciej Hermanowicz Penguin club + Kings Ely school Clear 200
23rd Jan 2013 The Devil's in the detail - high resolution imaging in Astronomy Jonathan Crass Cloudy 90
16th Jan 2013 Playing pinball with stars Sarah Smedley Stewards community Spacewatch group Fog 110
9th Jan 2013 Stargazing Live Special Event Stargazing Live Stargazing Live Clear 1100
19th Dec 2012 Exploring the dark side Mustafa Amin 'Realise' project second group Raining 100
12th Dec 2012 Gravitational Waves Christopher Berry Pathfinders Scout group Fog 90
5th Dec 2012 The 1960's Space Race Steve Taylor Clear 90
28th Nov 2012 The furthest galaxies Michele Trenti 'Realise' project Partially Clear 140
21st Nov 2012 How to build an Earth... in 4 easy steps Alan Jackson 1st St Neots Scouts Clear 165
14th Nov 2012 50 years of X-ray Astronomy Dan Wilkins Bottisham evening GCSE class Clear 205
7th Nov 2012 Is the Earth rare? Jim Kasting Hitchin Priory Club Cloudy 180
31st Oct 2012 Experiments in space Chris Crowe (HALF TERM) Cloudy 115
24th Oct 2012 The death of massive stars Joe Walmswell Shelford cubs Cloudy 160
17th Oct 2012 Impacts Robin Catchpole Villiers Park Cloudy 150
10th Oct 2012 Curious about Mars Jonathan Crass 1st Warboys scouts Partially Clear 200
3rd Oct 2012 Asteroids Carolin Crawford 13th Cambridge cubs Cloudy 180
21st Mar 2012 The transit of Venus Carolin Crawford Science Festival Clear 300
14th Mar 2012 Building the biggest telescopes Jonathan Crass Science Festival Clear 230
7th Mar 2012 Pinafores at the Observatory? The story of the female computer Melanie Keene 1st caledcote brownies Clear 180
29th Feb 2012 New views of the cold Universe: witnessing the birth of stars and galaxies John Richer Students from King's School, Ely Cloudy 160
22nd Feb 2012 The Universe in a box Matt Young The Penguin club Cloudy 160
15th Feb 2012 How to build a rocket Chris Crowe (HALF TERM) Cloudy 220
8th Feb 2012 Dark energy and the accelerating Universe Erin Kara Newmarket WI Cloudy 160
1st Feb 2012 Space Telescopes Apoorva Jayaraman CAO visit Clear 280
25th Jan 2012 The rise and fall of the cosmos Tiago da Costa Astronomy club from Hartismere School Cloudy 170

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